VIFIB maintains 2 clones and backups on 35 different sites to achieve unparalleled resiliency

Jean-Paul Smets initiated SlapOS and heads ViFiB. He graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure with a PhD in computer science and from Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Master in Public Administration. He is an active member of Free Software associations and has played in key role in the Eurolinux campaign which succeeded in protecting innovation from software patents.

Rafael Monnerat leads technical operation of ViFiB. He graduated from Instituto Federal Fluminense (IFF) in Brazil and is one of the authors of Beautiful Code, published by O'Reilly.

Romain Courteaud has been heading the research and development of SlapOS since 2010 together with Cédric de Saint-Martin who has maintained SlapOS client code since 2011. They both hold a Masters in Computer Science.

ViFiB is hiring

Please send your résumé to jp (at) vifib (dot) com