VIFIB maintains 2 clones and backups on 35 different sites to achieve unparalleled resiliency

ViFiB, through SlapOS, allows you to manage your services using the SLAP — Simple Language for Accounting and Provisionning — API.

There are currently two versions of the SLAP API.


The SLAP API v1.0 is an XML-RPC API. It is built around a single method: the “request()” method, allowing you to requests new services, modify existing services and fetch all the needed parameters to access a given service.

This is a dogfood API, as it is internally used by SlapOS services themselves to manage their dependencies. For example, think of an application server that requires a relational database to run: it will simply “request” it using this API.

Although it is possible to directly use the SLAP protocol, the ViFiB team has made a wrapper around this API, called “SlapOS client”, so that you can manage your services by typing simple command lines or by using the SLAP Python library into your code.

You can find more informations about the SLAP API v1.0 at the following links:

The SLAP API v2.0

Using a hypermedia-based approach known as HATEOAS, the SLAP API v2.0 is the modern way to use the SLAP protocol with a documentary approach which allows you to manage services in a REST-fashion, flexible API. Using this approach allows SlapOS to be fully distributed and discoverable.

The SLAP API v2.0 is currently under active development.