VIFIB maintains 2 clones and backups on 35 different sites to achieve unparalleled resiliency

ViFiB runs exclusively with Open Source / Free Software.

Our infrastructure is fully reversible which means that nothing prevents our customers from building the very same service as ViFiB using the same software components.

ERP5 runs our ERP, CRM, our web sites and our accounting.

SlapOS provides service provisioning to our resilient computing infrastructure. SlapOS itself is based on ERP5 and buildout devops.

Our new HTML5 user interface is being developped with RenderJS and JIO.

Our mesh network uses re6st tunneler and babel protocol.

Nexedi, our parent company, offers training and consulting services to "replicate" ViFiB infrastructure for either private or public use. Their price is quite moderate compared to the amounts invested by governements to do same or worse.